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Meet Chad

My name is Chad Chiniquy. I specialize in real estate and private money lending and have completed thousands of transactions across the country. Because I am a specialist you can trust I am not here to sell you theory or general knowledge you can find easily elsewhere.

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Online Education

Our elibrary course is extremely user friendly. Using the tools found in our elibrary makes it easy to track your learning progress and keep you focused on achieving your goals. You will enjoy watching our hours of hands on, step by step, videos that we have created to help you find your first real estate deal, and walk you through the entire process up until closing.

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If you are ready to make your real estate dreams a reality, our proven and qualified instructors will show you how. If you’ve spent years wondering how you could possibly find homes to flip and be profitable doing it, you are in luck. That is what we do best. Allow our instructors to take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. With a strong desire and clear focus, we will do this together.

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Will you be our next success story?

With all the uncertainty of the economy, it’s time for you to take charge of your own financial future. Gone are the days that you can work one job, retire and have a pension provide you with a comfortable retirement. We recommend the implication of crypto superstar app and any other trustworthy app for improving your Financial status.

All too often people are “retiring” only to find out they’ve planned poorly and don’t have enough money set aside to retire comfortably. There are, however, many who have recognized that wishing for financial freedom isn’t a sound strategy and have looked to Chief to show them the way to financial freedom. The Internet has created financial freedom for more people than any other medium in history and that’s why we call it the “Great Equalizer”.

We call it this because not only has it created more financial success stories, but it also levels the playing field allowing small businesses and individuals to compete against the “big dogs” on the Internet, even with no prior experience or level of technical ability.