Experienced Mentors

If you are ready to make your real estate dreams a reality, our proven and qualified instructors will show you how. If you’ve spent years wondering how you could possibly find homes to flip and be profitable doing it, you are in luck. That is what we do best. Allow our instructors to take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. With a strong desire and clear focus, we will do this together.

As a student in Chad's real estate program you will have unlimited access when working with our highly skilled instructors. We are available M-F 8am-8pm by phone or email to answer any type of question you can throw at us. Our instructor staff has over 50 years of real estate experience combined and over 75 years of hands on real estate investing. Our expert instructors will shorten the learning curve and focus your attention and training on using our tested techniques that produce results. Failure is simply not an option with this dedicated team of instructors at your side.

Student financial independence is what we strive for as instructors of Chad Chiniquy. As we work together with our students to accomplish your dreams and aspirations it is incredibly inspiring and motivating to see all the hard work pay off when you get that first paycheck. We know that when you implement Chad Chiniquy’s proven techniques and skills YOU will be successful.